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Transactional Email Usage

Transactional Email is a type of triggered email targeted to the individuals. These individuals get emails after processing some transactions using a web application. The transactional emails generally use SMTP relay and are programmatically send to the individuals. There are several Transactional Email providers offering such facilities to the users. B2B Technology Lists understand that the Transactional Email Usage has increased within no time, so we have planned to provide all-encompassing details of the top providers of this technology to boost lead generation and the rate of engagement.

How does Marketing Email differ from the Transactional Email?

Marketing Emails contain contents used to spread commercial messages to grow leads. These emails help in engaging different prospects to generate positive leads for sales. These are one on one emails that include the information related to the transactions that you might have done. Transactional Email targets individuals rather than targeting a list of recipients.

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