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Shared Hosting Technology users list

A website needs a hosting from a server in order for it to be accessible from the internet. A Shared Hosting Technology users list hosts multiple websites with different domain names from a single server. It’s an inexpensive and reliable way for up-coming companies to have an online presence. Moreover, it is comparatively cheaper to go for a shared hosting service. But, Shared Hosting Providers should warn customers of its pitfalls. This type of service is suitable for smaller companies with lesser traffic.

As the size of the company increases, sharing a web hosting service is not feasible. In light of company growth, the traffic to the website will increase, rendering the common server inefficient. Furthermore, with increasing traffic, a server becomes incedingly prone to crashes and lags. B2B Technology Lists provides listings for ideal web hosting services.

Shared Hosting Popular Website Verticals – 

Chart by Visualizer

The above chart illustrates the websites segregated based on the top 10k, 100k, and 1 million specializations vertical.

Why is sharing a server beneficial?

Start-ups always require funding. Moreover, a cost-efficient way of hosting websites is a welcome relief for many new businesses. Shared Hosting provides a perfect solution to this problem. It provides server space at significantly lesser prices. Moreover, tracking and monitoring web traffic is also easier. In light of growing competition, sharing server space is a very cost-effective way of hosting a website.

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