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Sell-Side Platform Users Lists

SSP technology helps the easy and effective publishing and management of the advertising inventories. Hence, web publishers can utilize their power to promote their business at a steadfast rate. One can also generate better revenue. Most the fortune companies use Sell-side Platform Users Lists for optimizing and automating their promotional campaigns of the online media space. This technology also connects the advertising networks with the exchanges and demand-side platforms consisting of the target audience. Ad publishers can easily make revenue by providing impressions to the prospects. B2B Technology Lists helps you to connect with the top Sell-Side Platform Technology providers to grow business.

Sell-Side Platform Users Lists

How does a sell-side platform Users Lists work?

Ad publishers can promote their ad space using the Sell-side Platform (SSP). By doing this the SSP sends a request to the demand-side platform (DSP) and other ad networks. The DSP analyzes the available ad inventory and checks if it meets any of the target demand criteria and accordingly presents the ad space of the advertiser.

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