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Node.js is an open-source JavaScript that is compatible with various platforms. Some of the platforms that this technology can run on are Windows, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. With asynchronous programming, Node.js doles out dynamic web pages long before they are available at a user’s web browser.

The recent past has seen an unvarying rise in Node.js Usage. This is most definitely because Node.js Technologies are adept at providing server-side scripting. Therefore, there is no need for a different language in which a server script needs to be. Consequently, a single programming language is enough for the development of web applications.

How is Node.js different?

Unlike the existing servers, Node.js makes use of an asynchronous architecture. JavaScript is adept at handling the asynchronous style. With the utilization of JavaScript on the server-side, developers have the convenience of applying their JavaScript skills and knowledge at server and client ends. Also, they can use the same functions to deal with both the ends of the architecture.

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