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Name Server Technology

A name server is a server that implements a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service. Furthermore, Name Server Technology translates a humanly legible text identifier into its corresponding numeric identification. This numeric identifier is machine-readable. In addition to this, the Name Server Providers form an integral part of the internet. This technology is responsible for the translation of device names into their IP (Internet protocol) addresses.
Basically, the Name Server Technologies identify the devices connected to the network. It is a basic requirement if two or more devices are to communicate with each other. Moreover, a good example of a name server is DNS (Domain Name Server). It is a widely used service provided by TCP/IP protocol suite.

Why is Name Server Technology important?

Name Server Technology is a foundation stone for the internet. The internet is basically a vast network of communicating computers and devices from the world over. Additionally, the communication among the devices is according to a set of rules called protocols. These protocols dictate that the identities of the devices need to be in a specific machine-legible format. Nameserver Technologies do just that.

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