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Extended Validation Technology

Extended Validation is a certificate generally used by the websites to prove its legality.  All the websites that are tagged with the HTTPS protocol are considered to be Extended Validation certified. The Extended Validation providers use certain encryption standards to certify websites as legal. B2B Technology Lists helps you to connect with the top providers of Extended Validation Technology. You can plan well-targeted marketing campaigns to generate good results from the marketing campaigns and also boost the sales and ROI.

When to use Extended Validation?

The Extended Validation Technology is useful when you want to tell your users that you are trustworthy and secure. It generally helps for the online shopping portals. Since the website passes various identity verification and also visually shows the users that the website is safe to use, you can get a higher number of visitors visiting your website. Thus, improving the business.

Industry Based Counts:-

SIC Industry Records
9611 Administration of General Economic Programs 1852
9631 Regulation and Administration of Communications 3214
9641 Regulation of Agricultural Marketing 1309
9661 Space Research and Technology 1297