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AJAX Technologies

AJAX Technologies include a set of web development techniques using various web technologies on the client-side. AJAX mainly helps in the creation of asynchronous web applications that send and retrieve data from a server asynchronously. It means that data flow does not interfere with other operations or behavior of the web page. Moreover, AJAX Usage, decouples data interchange from the presentation, allowing web applications to change content dynamically without having to reload pages.
Furthermore, it needs to be observed that AJAX is not a single technology, but a group of them working in perfect cohesion. B2B Technology Lists provides listings for professionals who are Top in AJAX usage as well as development.

Why do developers prefer AJAX Technologies?

AJAX technologies allow developers to alter the content of websites dynamically without the need to reload it. In today’s fast-paced world of the internet, such a practice of dynamic alteration is highly efficient as it doesn’t interfere with website usage. Moreover, companies that maintain their own websites that have enormous traffic simply can’t afford to reload their web pages to update the content. AJAX offers a simple and elegant solution.

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